How to Blur Photo Background in Photoshop [FAST & EASY]

Obviously, the best way to get the blurry background to your photos is to do it all in-camera beautiful you don’t have the right lens or you are working with the photos you didn’t take. then the next best way to blur the background in your photos is to use photoshop.

The method we are going to discuss today will give you realistic results without helos or ghosting and best of all this method is completely non-destructive. You can always come back and edit your adjustments.

Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First of all open the photo you would like to work on.

Step 2: Select the Select & Mask Tool by pressing alt+ctrl+r and select the view mode of your liking.

Note:  If your photoshop version doesn’t support the Select & Mask Tool then you may use Refine-Age tool.

Step 3: Take the Quick Selection Tool. Click and drag the area you want to select. The mark you make doesn’t need to be precise because the Quick Selection tool automatically and instinctively creates a border.

Step 4: We will have to take a look at our mask radius. So tick on the Show Edge checkbox. If you increase the radius value slightly you will see an outline appearing. Set the radius value and in case if your image has both sharp and soft radius we recommend you to select Smart Radius as well. untick the Show Edge option once you set the radius.

Step 5: Now use Refine Age Brush Tool to refine edges. Brush over soft areas such as hair toad fine details to the selection. When you have completed brushing the edges take Subtract Selection Tool and delete unnecessary selections.

Step 6: Finally, tick the decontaminate colors box to remove any color fringing with the color of fully selected nearby pixels.

Step 7: In the output setting, select the New Layer with a Layer Mask and click the ok button.

Step 8: We successfully cut out the main object from its background. Now to see the layer mask itself hold on to the alt or option key and click on the layer mask thumbnail.

Step 9: If you zoom in you may notice some areas that needed some touchup. Take soft brush and change blending mode to overlay, select black color, and paint on areas to clean.

Step 10: Now we need to remove the main subject from the background. To do so duplicate the background layer. 

Step 11: Simply select the subject using the Lasso Tool. Go to the edit menu and fill the selection with the content-aware tool and deselect the outlines by pressing ctrl+d.

Step 12: we need to add the lens blur to the background. Go to Filter > blur > lens blur. Add blur radius to your preference and click on the ok button.

Now image must be looking good enough but you can add color lookup adjustments to make an image more beautiful. We hope that you enjoyed over tutorial.

Here is the final result:

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